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cookieempire's Journal

The Cookie Empire
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Welcome to the Cookie Empire!
Despite the fact that the Cookie Empire will take over the universe, this is a free semi-rating community. Anyone willing to join may do so. You can board the Cookie Jar Jarfleet Jardestroyer or take a trip in one of the C-Wing-Fighters. All members of the Cookie Empire have a rank, from the Cookie Empress to the last Crumb.
Every new joiner will start as Crumb, the lowest ranks. (As this is still a small community, the Empress may give joiners other ranks as she sees fit, or you may apply for a rank upon joining.).
How do you increase your rank? Simple: By participating regularly. The Empress will keep an eye on you. If you behave well and are active, she will increase your rank. She may also degrade you if she thinks you need to be scolded.

Well, what is this community all about, you ask? It's a general fantasy community. You may post rants, questions, ponderings, stories, pics, art, poetry, world domination plans or whatever comes to your mind. There's almost no limit. The only thing we don't like are insulting or offending things. If your post is rather long or you have a lot of pics in it, please put it under a cut.

The main goal of this is to entertain yourself and others and to defeat boredom.

The Cookie Empire has declared WAR against boredom!

The more entertaining you are, the faster you raise in ranks.

Current Ranks of the Cookie Empire and the Cookie Jar Jarfleet:

The Empire's Mistress:

The Cookie Empress

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Special Ranks (Limited):

The Ice Cream Goddess and Vice Empress


The Empress' Private Plaything


Ambassador and Queen of the Gummis


The Vice Cookie Empress

Cookie Empire Court Jester


Sugar Jester and Bard


First Knight of the Cookie Jar


Princess Chocolate Chip


Darth Chocolate


Lord Dough


Ms. "Special Ingredient"


the former Ms. "Special Ingredient"


Keeper of the Cookie Vault


Standard Ranks (Unlimited):

Jarfleet Admirals

Jarfleet Captains

Jarfleet Commanders

Sugar Majors (2)



Flour Lieutenants

Vanilla Ensigns

Cookie Jarfleet Elite

Crumbs (1)


ATTENTION New joiners:
Upon joining, please give a short introduction with your name, your age, your gender and some general stuff you'd like to tell. It's not going to be rated, so feel free to tell or not tell whatever you like.

There are not many rules but three:
1. Follow the Empress' orders
2. Always eat your cookies
3. Be nice. (We don't want anything insulting or offending here.)

Banners to promote (you don't need to promote us, but we'd like you to.)
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Accepted users
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Rejected users
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The Cookie Empress Recommends:
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Heather's Cookie List

Part I

Normal Cookies

Those are regular cookies, just for the taste of it. Feed it to your plaything to invoke some trust. ^^
Choco-CookieCookies with chocolate chipsLots of sugar and chocolate, for the sweet playthings
Sour cookiesCookies with sour cremeTasty. For the playthings with 'special flavours'.
Fruit&Berry cookiesSweet cookies with fruits or berriesBanana cookies, strawberry cookies, blueberry cookies... almost anything your plaything likes.
Hot cookiesSpicy cookies with chiliSpiced and hot. Your plaything will ask for some 'drink'. ^^
Hollow cookiesTasty cookies that are hollow.Can be filled with any substance. If you know what I mean ;)
Exotic cookies.Cookies with exotic spices, fruits and berries.Sweet, hot and sour. Cookies surprise. Incridients are secret ;)
Enhanced cookiesSpecial cookies with grease and flavour enhancers.Makes your plaything want more. Also good if you want your plaything to gain a little weight. Can be combined with any of the above.
Dissolving cookies.Cookies that dissolve on the tongue.Those cookies decrease the hunger of your plaything. Use it if your plaything ate too much cookies and must lose a little weight. ^^

Part II

Special Cookies

Special cookies with magic effects. These are cookies like those above, only with some 'bonus'.
Charming cookies.Special ingredient: Weak Love Potion.Feed those to your playthings and they will love you even more. Heather's favorite beginner-cookie.
Love cookiesSpecial Incredient: Love PotionYour plaything will fall in love with the first person it sees after eating it. Be cautious using these!
Baby cookies.Special ingredient: Animal's sperm&ovum.Your plaything will "give birth" to an animal. Strange and macabre cookies. Be careful selecting the animal.
Illusion cookiesSpecial Incredient: Hypnotic spiritYour plaything will have a hallucination. Either it will believe being something or someone else or it will imagine things. Your choice. Always fun! ^^
Remedy cookies.Special ingredient: Seraph featherYour plaything is ill? Or a magic did not work on it? Give it one of those. Cancels all effects.
Mutation cookiesSpecial Incredient: Changeling heartPhysical changes to your plaything. Additional arms or another look. May even change the gender. If you're not satisfied with how your plaything is now.
Eat-Me cookies.Special ingredient: Gluttony spiritYour plaything will do anything to eat most cookies you give to it. Very useful.
Aphrodite cookiesSpecial Incredient: Nymph's tearYour plaything will be filled with lust. Use it carefully.
Random cookies.Special ingredient: Gambler's heartAbsolutely random. Nobody knows the effect. Can be dangerous!
Pet cookiesSpecial Incredient: DogboneYour plaything will be transformed into an animal of your choice.
Death cookies.Special ingredient: Reaper's fingerInstant death. Use only when you want to get rid of your plaything. It will be desintegrated, without leaving a corpse or any trace.
Personal cookiesSpecial Incredient: Target's hairPersonal cookie with a special effect, depending on the individual. Only feed it to the person it's supposed for!
More cookies.Special ingredient: ???There are lots and lots more cookies which I still keep secret. If you have any ideas for cookies yourself, just tell me ^^

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